Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We've left Panama City

We haven't gone far, we're about 40 miles south.  We are anchored off Isla Contradora in the Pearles Islands waiting for a weather window.  It looks like we might make the big break Thursday.

Kenny called the evening we arrived here to check on how things were working.  Thanks Kenny for your concern.


  1. we are trying to contact you on airmail (winlink). We are exited about your crossing.

    Larry and Karen
    SV Panta Rhei

  2. Paul, How are you guys? Been trying to contact you. Where are you? Thought you were headed for Florida but apparently plans have changed. Have you heard from Andrew? Drop a line......Happy Holidays and a Safe and Happy New Year! Wish we could play another round in PV!!! Dana Vincent, sv "Gladys Erzella" PLEASE REPLY TO: dana.vincent49@yahoo.com