Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica

We've managed to get to Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica, the most lovely place imaginable.  Unfortunately, we leave tomorrow for points south.  We should be in Panama in about five sailing days.

We have been barraged almost every night by thunder and lightening.  It's really quite frightening to be surrounded by bolts of lightening striking all around.  The gravity of this is pulling our spirits down a bit.  Morale is sagging.

The Perlas Islands of Panama, according to some reports, are not subject to
almost nightly storms.  We are very eager to get there.


  1. Glad to hear you made it to Costa Rica. Be sure to stop at Golfito and have the jalepeno stuffed mahi mahi. The fixed base operator there will tell you where it is. Also, what is the plan when you reach Panama?

  2. Great to hear you're enjoying CR as we did, tho we also found the nightly lightning a bummer of a game of Russian roulette. The sure answer? Get your butts to Ecuador!!! NO lightning, NO rain. Took us 5-1/2 days, Golfito to Puerto Amistad.....blow right past Panama!!! South America awaits ya!!! Cheers, guys, from the Bravo's, now in Papeete.....

  3. So, where are you now, Paul and Judy? It's been too long since his has been updated! And by the way....nice set of jugs, Judy.