Saturday, May 18, 2013

Liliana and the Yaxche

Two of our Tapachula favorites.

We had the pleasure of having Arturo and his esposa, Liliana over for a very pleasant dinner  just before we left Puerto Chiapas.  As I mentioned in my previous post, Liliana is just back from an English contest held in England, where her pupils placed second in the world.  She apparently impressed folks over there, as she has been invited back to discuss being the Chiapas representative for a large language school.  We hope it works out.

Another Tapachula favorite: the  Mayan Yaxche Tree, known now as the Saba Tree.

The Yaxche was the Tree of Life that spaned the Mayan cosmos, the underworld, the earth and the heavens.  The Tree of Life in the movie Avatar was modeled after it.  The Yaxche is still revered.  It may not be cut down and one should never show disrespect by turning one's back to it.

We are now in Behia del Sol, El Salvador, a lovely, verdant country populated by vibrant hard working people.  This place rocks!

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