Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Puerto Chiapas

Marina Chiapas
975 miles from La Cruz, and the last stop in Mexico.  Good thing too, our visas expire April 20th.  I want to leave Friday, but the Admiral has determined the best course to steer is to take an expensive tour into Guatamala Sunday, April 21st. and get new tourist visas when we recross the border back into Mexico.  This will give us an additional 90 days to get prepared for our new departure date of Tuesday, April 23rd.  I'm so glad I don't have to make these complicated decisions.

A sailboat with a broke engine is guided
through the long entrance channel to the marina-
could have been us.
Our trip across the Tehuantepec was uneventful.  The winds were as predicted.  Our engine worked OK, mostly.  It did knock a bit.  Tony, a friend on the sailboat Wind Strutter, who was making the crossing with us and is a mechanic, told me the knock could be the result of air in the fuel lines.  He suggested I bleed the fuel system, taking special care to get any trapped air out of the final fuel filter.  I checked everything out, found a hose connection with no band clamp and and several that were loose.  After installing and tightening the band clamps our engine purred  quietly for the next two days.  Sweet!  Thank you Tony!

Open air resturant next to marina
Its nice to be in Puerto Chiapas, only miles away from Central America.

Nescafe plant, turning Vietnamese beans into
instant coffee, all shipped to America.

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  1. nice to know you guys too! good rum.Bien viaje! Jacquie & Tony, s/v Windstrutter