Saturday, December 17, 2011


The first time we came thru Mazatlan we were in a hurry.  Didn't get away from the marina district while there, and left feeling real indifferent about it.  The second time thru we came to like it a lot.  

Old town Mazatlan is very European.  Many of the buildings date back to the 1860's, a time in US history when settlement west of the Mississippi consisted of scattered ranches and cow towns.  


Gallery courtyard

Leather wall hanging

Universities, music conservatories and artist galleries are prominent fixtures of Old Town, along with a plethora of really good resturants.  We look forward to returning this coming spring while returning to the Sea of Cortez for one more summer.


  1. Nice photos. Love the gallery.

  2. Nice photos. Love the gallery.

  3. Paul and Judy,

    Merry Christmas! We have snow on the ground and blue sky above. Will be having dinner with a hiking buddy and his family later today.
    Question: How do I contact you; by phone and mail? Have completed three J.C. Art classes and have enrolled for 2 starting this January.
    Fun and it affords me a place and time I have to be somewhere. Well, all the best. donald