Monday, October 24, 2011


Yesterday a large power boat in the next slip ran us over.  He was backing in, after a day out fishing, when a gust of wind blew him into Grace, snagging our dinghy davit, driving it through his window, snapping the 1 1/2 inch stainless tube like a cheap pretzel.  The stern pulpit is also damaged.  The owner of the boat, a 50+ foot Hatteras has agreed to pay to costs of the repair, so as of now we are not filling an insurance claim.

Davit twisted 90 degrees

Snapped davit and bent tubing.

Damage to the Hatteras

This morning we turned Grace around in the slip so the stainless repairman could get better access to it, so the pictures don't really show the large amount of room he had to get into his slip.  A 20 knot gust of wind blew him down on us, but in my mind he was just going to darn fast for the conditions and could not respond quick enough.

We will be here in San Carlos for a week or so getting this fixed, so our plans are now up the the air.  The one fixed date we have is November 22, in Mazatlan for bottom painting.  Should make that with no problem.

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