Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As far as internet and email goes, we've fallen off the edge of the world.  It is almost non existant in this part of the Sea of Cortez, and when it is existant it doesn't work well.

We've seen some lovely country on or trip up from La Paz.  We've anchored in Ensanda Grande, Puerto Everisto, Agua Verde and Puerto Escondido.  All have been slices of heaven.  We will be leaving in the morning, trying to get to the 4th of July party about 100 miles north of here.  It will be push as we are supposed to get northerly winds in the 20 knot range.  Doesn't matter if we make it on the 4th, the important thing is we will be catching up with friends.

Have to make this short.  We are on shore using a very slow connection, but before I go I would like to congradulate Mike on Odessa for having completed the very arduous trip to Seattle from Puerto Vallarta.  Drop us a line every once in a while Mike.

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