Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today we hauled stuff out of the boat onto our finger pier.  It came from the quarter berth, v-berth, shower stall, lazerettes and various hidey holes.  All so we could have our boat surveyed in order to assure our new insurance provider that we had a seaworth boat and that it probably would not sink of its own accord, and that all the gear we claimed we had was, in fact, on the boat. 

Insurance is a hot topic amongst cruisers.  Some think it's just a rip off and refuse to pay up, some think it a rip off,  but necessary if one wants someone else to pay for screw ups.  I happen to fall in the latter category.  If I drive my ship onto the the rocks, I want a check.  So this morning we spent hours moving stuff out, then after the surveyor was done poking around, putting it back.  I'm stiff, sore and my back hurts like hell, but the surveyor loved our boat and found no flaws to report.  Should have coverage for Mexico by early next week.

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