Friday, July 13, 2007


I decided to replace the 200' of 3/8" BBB chain that came with the boat. We will now have
300'. It took a little self persuasion for me to abandon the old chain as the new stuff costs $2.85 per foot. The thing with the old chain was, that even though it appeared to be good, I could find no identifying stamps on any of the links. Having had a bad experience with metal pipe flanges manufactured in China I am very reluctant to rely on chain that could have come from there also.

We will sleep better knowing we have good quality chain.

I am marking it with red at 25' intervals and yellow at 100 and 200'. I don't expect the paint to last real long, but hope that the painted surfaces inside the links will hang in a good bit longer then exposed areas. Will also be figuring out additional marks using fabric or plastic.

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